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Stop the calls! If you are considering filing for bankruptcy you are not alone. Millions of American’s do it and regain the power over their finances. Don’t wait and suffer the burden of harassing phone calls and getting further behind in your payments.  After filing bankruptcy your creditors are no longer allowed to call you. You can wipe out certain debt and begin a payment plan specifically designed for your situation. You will be able to obtain a home and cars in your future and find security in your day-to-day life.

Our attorneys can help create, get rid of, or negotiate a lien on your property!

HOA LEINS: Homeowners’ Association (HOA). An HOA is a legal entity set up to manage and maintain the neighborhood.Almost all HOAs have the power to place a lien on the homeowner’s property if he or she becomes delinquent in paying the monthly fees and/or any special assessments (collectively referred to as “assessments”). Once any HOA homeowner becomes delinquent on the assessments, a lien will usually automatically attach to that homeowner's property, typically as of the date the assessments became due. If an HOA has a lien on a homeowner’s property, it may foreclose on that lien

MECHANICS LEIN: A mechanic’s lien is a claim or hold against real property by contractors or subcontractors who conducted work or supplied material to improve the property but were not paid for their work or materials.