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Document Review: On the day of closing our closing attorney will be present to review the various instruments associated with the real estate and loan closing. We will be available to explain documents such as a deed, a note, a deed of trust, a settlement statement, disbursement at the end of the transaction and loan documentation required by the lender.

Title examination: Our attorneys research and assure there is clear title for the property. Upon receipt of a real estate purchase agreement or a request from a bank or mortgage broker, the closing attorney will begin to check the title to the property being sold. Our attorneys investigate whether there are certain restrictions to use, easements, encroachments, leans; and whether the title is marketable and clear for the seller to transfer to purchaser. 

Title insurance: Title insurance protects the purchaser and the lender in the event a future problem is found with the title. Our closing attorneys prepare an opinion on the title that is offered to a title company for the issuance of a title binder, which is preliminary to obtaining title insurance. Title insurance is an option of the purchaser but is a requirement for most all lenders at the time or purchase or refinance of real estate. 

Record and disburse: After review and execution of the necessary instruments of a real estate or loan closing, our attorneys check the local registry one last time to update the title, and record the deed and/or deed of trust. We will then issues a final opinion to the title company and pays the title company its premium.